Saving Money On Taxes

There are many mortgage and real estate equity planning strategies that can really help you save money on taxes whether you are buying, refinancing or selling a primary home, vacation home or investment property.

As a CMPS professional, I bring a team approach to your situation by working with qualified CPAs, CFPs and attorneys.

In doing so, I bring professionals to help you:

  • Improve your after-tax cash flow
  • Save money by understanding the impact of the “gift tax” when gifting or receiving real estate property and/or down payment funds
  • Save money by understanding the benefits and limitations of mortgage interest deductions when you buy or refinance a property
  • Save money by taking advantage of the proper tax deductions during the home buying or refinancing process
  • Reduce or otherwise avoid paying capital gains taxes when selling a property
  • Reduce your taxable estate or avoid paying estate taxes on an inheritance involving real estate
  • Find tax-advantaged investment strategies
  • Utilize the lowest after-tax debt planning strategies when borrowing funds
  • Calculate and compare the after-tax rate of return on an investment property

Proper tax planning is year-round effort. Every financial decision you make can potentially affect other aspects of your financial life. Taxes are no exception. Cash flow planning decisions as well as all major expenditures should be done with regard to how those decisions affect your taxes, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning and general financial planning. By working with a CMPS professional, you will save significant amounts of money by making tax planning a year-round strategy.

Save your receipts and keep a record of all home improvements. This can be very helpful in reducing your capital gains tax obligation when selling a primary home, vacation home or investment property.

Click below to download the free report that illustrates some of the mortgage, cash flow and home equity planning strategies to better help meet your unique cash flow needs:

 How to Safely Manage Home Equity


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