Budgeting For 2013

2013 is going to be full of surprises but don’t let your lack budgeting be the biggest surprise that you come across. In order to achieve financial success you need to create a road map on how you are going to get there.roadmap-bg

Path to Financial Success

To get started on the process to financial success you have to create the unnecessary evil called the budget. This budget will be your best and worst friend but if you can stick through it it will help you achieve the success you have been searching for.

Writing the budget will take a lot of hard work. You will have to research where your money goes on a monthly basis and look at your spending habits to make sure that you are not going beyond your means. You will need have spending projections for upcoming necessary things for example repairing a broken down car. You will also have to look at upcoming birthdays and holidays to make sure that you are able to give your loved ones gifts as well…

Robust Evaluation and Correction

Next you will want to set goals. Besides writing a goal for the end the year, I recommend sitting down at the beginning of each month to write your weekly and monthly goals to evaluate how you did last month. We call this “The Robust Evaluation and Correction Process”, figure how you did last month where you went red and where you stayed in the black.


Microsoft Excel is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to watch your budget. This will allow you to understand where your money is going to have a much more effective plan. You will want to make sure that you spend every penny that you bring in each month.

Going Red

No one said that the budget would be easy that is why when you go in the red in some areas you don’t lose hope because you messed up. However, it is important to fix your mistakes that way you don’t go insane by doing the same thing over and over each month.

It can take some 3 or 4 months for your budget to take affect.

Finding The Money

When you start the process of budgeting you will want to make sure that you catch the unnecessary spending that you do each month. For example, goto your bank’s ATM rather than the one at a gas station. This will help you save $3 – $5 each transaction.

One of the best ways to find the money is to refinance your home, even if you refinanced in the last 2 years you have the option of still saving $50.00 a month which is a saving of $600.00 a year. There is a lot you can do with $600.00 a year.

For help writing your budget, send an email to austen@impactmortgagegroup.com and we will be more than happy to help you out with your basic needs. We also have incredible financial professionals on our team that can help you out as well.


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