As a Certified Mortgage Planner and Loan Officer I help close the gap between your  Mortgage and investments.

  • As a CMPS professional have demonstrated financial knowledge and expertise regarding the tax and financial planning implications of various mortgage and real estate investment strategies. Therefore, as a CMPS professional I can better advise you when it comes to:
    • Your single largest debt – mortgage
    • Your single largest asset – real estate equity
    • Life Planning needs and goals – cash flow
  • Trained to help you increase your cash flow
  • Helping you become debt free sooner and achieve true financial freedom
  • Equipped to help you profitably invest in real estate and protect you from mortgage and real estate investment scams
  • Are qualified to help you implement mortgage and real estate equity strategies to help you save money on income, capital gains and estate taxes
  • Committed to help you improve your credit score and get the best deal on your financing
  • Able to explain the benefits and drawbacks of paying off your mortgage before retirement, and help you to determine which strategy works best under your individual circumstances
  • Guide you in implementing the best home equity and mortgage strategies for divorce situations
  • Help you implement a financial strategy to finance your children’s education
  • Equipped to better enable you to financially care for your elderly parents
  • Help you implement beneficial mortgage and real estate equity strategies before and during job or career changes
  • Help empower you to start or sell your business by implementing viable mortgage and real estate equity strategies
  • Able to recommend the proper financial strategies when you are ready to buy or build a vacation home
  • Committed, qualified and equipped to help you implement mortgage, cash flow and home equity strategies to build and conserve wealth when buying a home or refinancing your mortgage
  • I have pledged to follow a Code of Ethics

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