Financial Advisors

As a Certified Mortgage Planner, I have been trained to conduct seminars that benefit financial advisors. My go is to be a strategic resource to you, so that you can get your client to the next level.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: Walk away with specific ideas, strategies, and resources to help your clients achieve financial success and generate more referral business!


  • We are qualified to provide continuing education content to CFP® practitioners. The CMPS certification course itself is accepted by the CFP Board of standards for 13-20 hours of CE credit for CFP® practitioners.
  • We offer 5 different 1 hour CE Courses on the following topics:
    • Debt Crisis – What it means for homeowners.
    • How to simplify housing decisions
    • Cash flow planning for real estate investors
    • Financial planning with low mortgage rates
    • 5 negative equity situations and how to use them.
  • Additionally, we are qualified to provide joint educational content to CPAs, insurance professionals and other financial advisors. Seminars can be conducted for individuals, companies and associations. Topics can include:
    • Advanced Mortgage Planning for High Net Worth Clients
    • Helping Clients Generate Tax Free Income During Retirement
    • Interest Rate Economics and the Mortgage Planning Relationship
    • Mortgage Planning Case Studies
  • We are able to help financial advisors conduct client appreciation meetings and other seminars geared toward mutual and prospective clients. We can help you add value to your own client database while building new relationships with prospective clients. Topics can include:
    • “Housing Bubble” Protection Strategies
    • Real Estate Investment Strategies
    • Mortgage Planning to Build Wealth
    • Credit Scoring
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Debt Management

To schedule a free education course or for more information regarding the education courses that we are able to teach. Please send an email to or by calling 512-773-6729. You can also click HERE.


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