Rodney Stockton via LinkedIn
“Austen and Impact Mortgage do a great job in working with clients and walking them through the mortgage process. They care as much for my clients as I do and will continue trusting them with mine and my clients business.” November 30, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

JW Warr, Head Guy, American Note Warehouse via LinkedIn
“Austen will take you on a treasure hunt to find the money you thought you had lost using techniques on how you can increase your monthly cash flow.” November 28, 2012

Karen Martin, REALTOR, JB Goodwin Realtors Northwest Office via LinkedIn
“Austen Smith is a bright new light in MY real estate world. His tours are the most professionally handled that I have ever been on in Austin, Tx. He is full of knowledge and comes ready to answer any questions anyone has. He is a problem SOLVER!” September 4, 2012

Scott Carley, President, Carley’s Growth Dynamic Consulting, LLC via LinkedIn
“Austen really stands out from the crowd simply because he cares, he finds solutions to complexed loans and he gets it done. He is energy is contagious and we all feel better working around someone with such a positive attitude and Christian spirit. Austen is connected and willing to share those connections to help his friends and clients.” April 9, 2012

John A. Hay III, Attorney at Law, Managing Member, Hay Compere PLLC via LinkedIn
“I have worked with Austen on several deals and he continually provides great service to the borrowers putting their needs before his each step of the way.”

Gary Seale, Owner, The Trucon Consulting Group, LLC via LinkedIn
“With Austen’s background and experience in the mortgage lending industry, I can strongly recommend him to guide a borrower to the best product for their situation. His depth and breath of knowledge will be of genuine service to all the parties involved in the lending process. Austen’s honesty and sincere desire to serve his clients is a plus point on his character score.” February 8, 2012

Beth Coffey via LinkedIn
“If you are sceptical about owning your own home give Austen Smith a call. He is expertly knowledgable in the home buying process and, thankfully, has a tremendous ethical and christian character which makes you feel secure in his trustworthy hands. I recommend all of my friend and family to Austen.” February 7, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


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